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Real Estate Disputes Involving Failure To Disclose Material Information

Everyone involved in a real estate transaction hopes that it will go off without a hitch. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. One of the more common problems that can arise involves failure to disclose. This particular issue can derail transactions and lead to significant financial liability.

At Brown & Associates Law & Title, P.A., we represent buyers and sellers in real estate transactions and the disputes that result from those transactions. Our lawyers are well-versed in Florida real estate law, including disclosure requirements and the ramifications of failure to disclose. Whether you are the buyer stuck with a problematic property or a seller accused of failing to disclose material information, our lawyers can protect your interests and serve as effective advocates for you.

Florida Real Estate Disclosure Requirements

Florida law requires sellers to disclose material conditions and defects of the property that would substantially impact its desirability or value. These disclosure requirements apply even in as-is transactions.

However, there are many nuances to these requirements. Disputes over failure to disclose might involve gray areas around whether the seller was, in fact, required to disclose the condition; whether they were aware of it; and whether they should have been aware of it.

Options For Addressing Failure To Disclose

As a buyer, your options for addressing failure to disclose depend on where you are in the transaction process. If you uncover the problematic condition before closing, you may have grounds to cancel the purchase agreement. If you discover the condition after closing, you may have grounds to pursue a lawsuit for financial damages. Our attorneys can help you determine the best path forward.

Get Further Guidance On Real Estate Disclosure Disputes

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