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Effectively Addressing Breach Of Contract Disputes

Contracts are at the crux of real estate transactions. They establish the terms of the deal, each party’s legal rights and duties, and the resolution of disputes. Many of the legal difficulties that arise with regard to real estate transactions implicate contracts in one way or another.

At the Tampa and St. Petersburg law offices of Brown & Associates Law & Title, P.A., we provide comprehensive guidance on Florida real estate law, including breach of contract claims. Our lawyers are go-to advocates for real estate issues. We have extensive experience navigating this complex area of law and the overlapping area of contract law. We represent buyers, sellers, landlords, real estate professionals and other parties involved in contract disputes.

Common Types Of Real Estate Contracts

Real estate transactions may involve multiple types of contracts, including:

  • Contracts for sale and purchase
  • As-is contracts for sale and purchase
  • Financing agreements
  • Seller financing agreements
  • Contracts for deed
  • Listing agreements
  • Leasing agreements

Breach of contract claims can arise with regard to any aspect of these contracts, especially:

  • Financing contingencies
  • Inspection contingencies
  • As-is agreements

Our legal team can identify if, in fact, a breach has occurred, and what recourse is available.

Damages In Breach Of Contract Claims

Issues such as nonpayment and failure to perform can result in significant damages. In the real estate context, because every piece of property is unique, monetary damages don’t always go far enough to address the breach. In some cases, specific performance – that is, a court-ordered transfer of the property – may be appropriate.

Our lawyers can pursue the financial recovery needed to make you whole again. We also defend clients against breach of contract claims.

Discuss Your Contract Breach Questions With Our Team

Whether you are pursuing a breach of contract claim or defending against one, you will find reliable advocates and advisers at our firm. We also provide real estate title services.

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