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Quiet Title Actions In Florida: What They Are And Why They Matter

A quiet title action is a legal avenue for obtaining a clear title and establishing ownership of the property. It involves addressing any competing claims for the property such as liens, spousal claims and tenancies in common. It’s also a way to assert or oppose ownership via adverse possession.

Quiet title actions may become necessary for a multitude of reasons. Perhaps you are looking to sell the property and need a clear title to do so. Or maybe you are buying a property and need to resolve title issues in order to secure financing. Whatever the reason, enlisting experienced legal help is essential for protecting your ownership interests and obtaining a clean title.

How We Can Help With Your Quiet Title Case

Navigating a quiet title case in Florida can be complicated. Our real estate lawyers at Brown & Associates Law & Title, P.A. can represent you throughout the process.

We can:

  • Advise you of whether you have a strong ownership claim
  • Identify all competing claims
  • Provide an honest opinion of your chances for success
  • Help you gather the appropriate documentation and evidence
  • File the legal paperwork on your behalf
  • Present your case in court

Quiet title actions must be handled in the Florida county court where your property is located.

The Advantage Of A Law Firm That Also Provides Title Services

Our team’s experience doesn’t just encompass real estate law; it also extends to all title issues. Because we offer an in-house title company, you won’t need to seek those services elsewhere.

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