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Knowledgeable Representation In Partition Actions

Partition aspects are a type of real estate proceeding that involves splitting up a property or forcing a sale. These actions often arise from disputes between co-owners when they don’t have a contract in place to address their parting of ways.

Real estate partitions require court involvement, and when disputed, they can result in lengthy litigation. Having effective legal counsel is essential for protecting your rights and interests.

You can turn to Brown & Associates Law & Title, P.A., for knowledgeable guidance on your partition case. Our real estate lawyers draw on decades of experience to provide effective representation for Florida real estate owners. Based in Tampa and St. Petersburg, we handle these cases throughout the region.

When Is A Partition Necessary?

Partitions become necessary when one or more co-homeowners (or real estate co-owners) want out but don’t agree on how to move forward. One party might want to keep the entire property, but they can’t agree on a fair price to buy out the other. Or, one party might want to sell the entire property against the other’s wishes.

Depending on the situation, multiple avenues for resolution might be available, including:

  • Forcing a buyout: With this outcome, one co-owner will have to buy out the other (or others). The price will be their portion of the appraised fair market value of the entire property.
  • Forcing a sale: The court can also order that the entire property be sold and the proceeds be divided amongst the co-owners in accordance with their ownership percentages.
  • Physically splitting the property: This option is only available for certain types of properties such as rural real estate or farmland. Homes can’t be physically divided.

Sometimes these cases can be resolved outside of court. Our attorneys can help you explore mediation and settlement negotiations. We can also represent you in court if needed.

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