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What Our Clients Are Saying

“I did want to thank you and your team for handling our transactions. You can count me as a very satisfied customer and will look forward to utilizing your services again should the need arise. Thanks again for making the complex very simple. Everything went ‘as advertised’ and you can’t beat that these days.” – John A

“THANK YOU for all you and your firm has done for us over the last couple of years! It was a real pleasure having you on our side and fighting for us!” – Kevin & Tammy S

“Thank you for your help and expertise in seeing this matter through to completion. My sister and I are so relieved to be out of the mortgage business. Also, the help received from your associates Alex, Kyle, Daniel and Melissa. We appreciate it.” – Valerie S

“I want to thank you, Brown & Associates Law And Title, for helping me through my situation. I’ve talked with other people locally and would recommend you in a heartbeat. Just so you know. So a true and honest “THANKS” for everything!!!!” – J.S.

“I have to say, I deal with A LOT of Title Companies, you by far have been the best at communication that I have dealt with in a long time, thank you thank you thank you!!!!” – S.Z.

“Brown and Associates are a pleasure to work with!” – Tiffany S.

“Successful closing on 6/28 with sellers in CA and my buyer here! Laura and Barbara are ON it and made the transaction simple and painless! Attention to detail and walking my customer through each signature proves they provide true SERVICE! Looking forward to working with Brown & Associates Law And Title again!” – Darrin McCoy

“Barbara – Many thanks to you. Thank you so much for everything. For such a long and agonizing process, you were the ray of hope and sunshine. Just wanted to let you know how much you’re appreciated.” – A.J.

“Barbara, I wanted to thank you, Kenny, and your entire company for how you handled my case. From the time Kenny and I had the first consultation, he was professional, patient with my continuous questions, and guided me through the entire process. He was very personable and made me feel comfortable. He is certainly a great asset to your organization. Today at the meeting of the creditors, you personally filled in for Kenny as he was unable to attend the meeting. It was the first time I had met you, but you had complete knowledge of the case and offered me suggestions on how to handle myself while meeting with the trustee. My brother is a realtor in Polk County. I am giving him one of your business cards in the event he needs assistance with real estate law or title issues.” – J.B.H.

“We found Barbara through another lawyer that recommended Barbara very highly, so we made the connection and after a year of back in forth with everything, we got what we wanted and Barbara and her staff worked really hard on our case and we were able to keep our home and we have sent many others for her to help over the year, we are thankful for her, Scott.” – Mr. and Mrs. Scott

“Barb is the best. Absolute professional. Very knowledgeable and forthright. Informative and explains everything very well. Helped resolve a short sale issue for me and recommended an action plan. All went as presented.” – Charlie

Have used her services since 2011. Barbara M. Brown and her staff have given nothing less than friendly, competent and timely service. Being a real estate broker, timely closings are important to my clients and me. They’ve never missed a closing date. I have also referred clients to her who needed her expertise in keeping their homes from going into foreclosure with great success. Barbara M Brown is the only attorney I use!” – Rodney

Helped to Relieve the Stress. This law firm really cared about my wife and me and what was going on in our life. I lost my job and got behind in the mortgage. We did not want to lose the house. Barbara and Dawn took the time to understand our goal which was to stay in the house. Barbara has been defending our foreclosure for the past several years. We have stayed in our house for almost four years now. In the end Barbara was able to get Chase Home Mortgage to accept a loan modification. We are able to stay in our house and have a mortgage payment that we can afford. She bought us the time we needed for me to find another job and get some money in our pocket. Barbara and her staff are knowledgeable and helpful. The communication from the office is great. Barbara answers her own phone and is assessable. I highly recommend this attorney and this law firm.” – Anonymous

Great job handling my short sale case. I hired Attorney Brown-Emery to help me handle my short sale negotiation with the bank as well as the foreclosure response to the lender. She was very responsive and did very well going over all the paperwork with me and make proper suggestions. As a result, the lender agreed to release me of all liabilities and agreed to short sale terms. The foreclosure was stopped and we closed last month. Great job for helping me deal with this ordeal and help me sleep better. Big load off my back. Thank you.” – Hooman

Foreclosure Questions Answered. She answered my question directly and quickly and replied to another question as well. She was a BIG help. thank you for your time and assistance.” – Anonymous

Great, Trust-Worthy Realtor!!. I have been involved with real estate for the past 35 years. I am a Real Estate Broker, Commercial Property Owner and a Commercial Property Manager. I have nothing but good things to say about Barbara. I have and would recommend her to anyone to represent them in Real Estate matters.” – Gene

“We had a terrific experience with the law firm of Brown & Associates Law And Title. We were more than satisfied with the results we had from the whole staff. They were very professional and friendly and made sure that we understood everything. We really can’t say enough about Barbara Brown and Thanasi Poulakidas, two outstanding attorneys. We look forward to working with them in the future and highly recommend them.” – M.T.

“I had previously had (as it turned out) a very unethical attorney and firm handling a foreclosure on my behalf and I was left “in the lurch” with no attorney. I was referred to Barbara Brown and have been extremely satisfied with the genuine care and treatment I received. I was able to meet with Mrs. Brown personally and had contact with her and her staff throughout my entire process. I received updates on my case. They worked diligently to help in any way possible to get a resolution (something my previous attorney had told me was not possible) and stayed on top of my case throughout.

The personal care and concern was something I was so not used to and it helped tremendously in settling the stress involved with this type of situation. The assistant, Jessica was just as helpful. Barbara even worked on my case on the weekend and reached out to me personally to make sure I was aware of changes and advised what our next step was to be – just letting me know how we were handling everything for my peace of mind. They worked very hard and now have our loan back on track, allowing me to get life back to normalcy. I highly recommend Barbara Brown and her staff! They proved to be concerned, caring and efficient attorneys!” – DJK

“I want to thank you for the great and professional services I received. The staff was always very polite as well as helpful. I always felt very comfortable talking to Thanasi, helping me understand the situation. I would recommend Brown & Associates Law And Title to anyone.” – Deanna F.

“I retained Brown & Associates Law And Title to help me with a real estate matter. Barbara Brown’s reputation speaks for itself. I was also extremely impressed with the entire team. I would highly recommend using Brown & Associates Law And Title.” – John Turner

“In a world of “Lawyer,” media ads and chest-pounding, this firm is a bright light. Focused on doing the “Right” thing they put more value on character than billing. A refreshing approach to the way things used to be. I would highly recommend Barbara Brown and her team of associates for any legal work. You will be treated with respect and courtesy. She saved my home and relieved a lot of stress.” – Ben Goldberg

“Barbara is like the Michael Jordan of saving my ass!  I highly recommend her!” – D.M.

“I want to commend Laura Dyer for being diligent and noticing that my client’s LLC manager and resident agent was changed on November 27, 2019, after having been the same since 2009. The change was fraudulent and she saved us a lot of stress, expense and time as the person applied for a $500,000 loan against property owned by the LLC. Your firm has a first-class title processor!” – Steve Perrone

“We loved the friendly staff at Brown & Associates Law And Title. Did not feel any stress or anxiety after walking through the door. Thank you for everything. – RS & SG

“Everyone involved was professional and helpful. The short sale of my home was a nerve-racking situation that I didn’t understand a whole lot about. Your staff was able to put my mind at ease. Really made things easy for me.” – Mark D.