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Navigating Florida Probate Proceedings

Probate is the court process for administering someone’s estate after their death. Navigating this process can be daunting. At Brown & Associates Law & Title, P.A., we can take that weight off your shoulders.

Our lawyers have decades of experience that we can put to use in effectively resolving your probate case. We are very familiar with the nuances of Florida probate law as well as the court procedures and requirements. When you work with our team, you can gain peace of mind knowing we will prioritize your concerns.

The Advantage Of Combined Legal And Title Services In Probate Cases

Real properties are often the most significant assets in probate cases. Real estate will typically will need to be re-titled once the court approves the transfer.

Because our firm also offers real estate title services, we can handle all aspects of this process so you don’t have to seek professional help elsewhere. Our goal is to provide you with more efficient, effective services in a one-stop shop.

Types Of Florida Probate

There are two types of probate proceedings in Florida: formal probate and summary administration. Estates that are valued under a certain threshold may be eligible for the faster, simplified summary process. Our lawyers can provide guidance on which type is appropriate in your case.

What’s Involved In Probate?

Probate proceedings in Florida involve many administrative tasks, including:

  • Inventorying the estate
  • Preparing tax filings
  • Valuing assets
  • Satisfying creditors
  • Identifying heirs
  • Transferring title

All assets that aren’t eligible to be transferred through beneficiary designations or rights of survivorship will generally need to go through probate. Nonprobate assets include:

  • Life insurance proceeds
  • Payable-on-death accounts
  • Real estate titled with rights of survivorship
  • Assets held in a trust

Our lawyers can help you sort out which assets need to be included in probate.

Ancillary Proceedings For Florida Property

Many people own property in Florida but make their permanent residence somewhere else. In these situations, their primary probate case will be handled out-of-state. However, Florida probate will still be necessary for addressing their real property in Florida. It’s important to work with Florida attorneys on these cases.

Our firm handles these types of probate cases – called ancillary proceedings – for those with primary estates that are out of state. Our in-depth knowledge of Florida real estate law works to the significant advantage of our clients in these proceedings.

Discuss Your Probate Questions With Skilled Professionals During A Free Consultation

We would be happy to talk more with you about your probate questions and concerns. Please contact our offices in Tampa and St. Petersburg, at 813-576-3790 to learn more.