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We Understand Real Estate Law In Florida

At Brown & Associates Law & Title, P.A., we provide the legal advice and counseling for any decision regarding real estate, real estate contracts, title issues and any legal matters. We represent sellers, buyers, landlords in any real estate transaction. We can help with rentals, foreclosures, neighborhood issues, probate, land uses, zoning and evictions. We can handle any real estate-related legal questions. Attorney Barbara Brown is a real estate lawyer Serving Tampa, Clearwater, New Port Richey, and the counties of Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco.

When Do I Hire A Real Estate Lawyer?

Perhaps you are considering remodeling or adding an addition to your home. If you are getting ready to sign a construction agreement, this is an ideal time to consider a consultation with an experienced real estate attorney. Legal help can make sure your contractor performs the job you are expecting in the time frame you desire. Without a solid legal contract, you could be at the mercy of shady contractors or construction problems. At Brown & Associates Law & Title, P.A., we assist you with the full range of real estate matters, including:

  • If you are considering buying a home or property
  • If you are having a dispute with neighbors or tenants
  • Any real estate transaction

Legal counsel may save you time, money and stress. Sometimes, Florida’s real estate laws are clear and explicit. But not always. Will you know your rights and responsibilities in your real estate transaction? Our professionals at Brown & Associates Law & Title, P.A., are ready to help in these sometimes complex real estate legal issues.

Loan Modification Or Short Sale?

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to make your mortgage payments. This is very common these days during a period of financial instability and lowering home prices. If you get behind, arranging a loan modification may be a good solution. If you really think you need to get out of your home, then perhaps a short sale is the answer. Either way, be sure you have a competent real estate attorney by your side during these rearrangements of your loan.


Our professional team at Brown & Associates Law & Title, P.A., is highly experienced in all aspects of real estate law. We are uniquely qualified to help you with your eviction process. We are well-versed in all aspects of Florida eviction laws and have the skills and resources to handle your eviction so that you can concentrate on other matters. Brown & Associates Law & Title, P.A., offers a free initial consultation to landlords and property managers seeking assistance with evictions in Tampa, Clearwater, New Port Richey, and the surrounding counties of Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco.

Realtor’s Testimonials

“I take great pleasure in telling my clients that their real estate transaction will be handled by Brown & Associates Law & Title, P.A. Since the entire process is handled under one roof, not only can I assure them of a swift closing and accurate title search, but I can also give them the peace of mind that comes with knowing the legal details of the contract have been reviewed by true professionals.” – Rob Noalis, The Property Connection

“Can you say WINNING TEAM? Where short sales are actually a pleasure because of the “team” you work with.” – Catherine Kelly, Prudential Tropical Realty

Brown & Associates Law & Title, P.A., takes care of the details, hard work, and follow up with the lenders so I can focus on my clients.” – Brian Gauldin, Century 21

“I have worked with Brown & Associates Law & Title, P.A., for many years on short sale negotiations and closings. They are always professional, and they answer my questions in a timely manner.” – Tiia Cartwright, Broker, Cartwright Realty

Frequently Asked Questions About Florida Real Estate Law

Here are some of the questions we hear most frequently from our clients:

Does Florida require a lawyer for real estate transactions?

Florida law does not require you to have a real estate attorney when you buy or sell residential real estate, but – given that this is the biggest financial transaction you may ever make in your lifetime and the level of complexity involved with the contract, it is wisest to have legal guidance.

What are the disclosure requirements for selling property in Florida?

In Florida, sellers and realtors are required to disclose any substantial issues about the property not visible to the naked eye that could negatively affect its value. Specific issues sellers must disclose include:

  • Environmental disclosures, such as sinkholes, radon contamination, underground storage tanks, hazardous materials, soil contamination, defective drywall, asbestos, lead-based paint, mold, fungi and wood-destroying insects like termites
  • Flood zone disclosures, if the property is within a designated area, so that buyers know if flood insurance is required and, for coastal properties, the potential for erosion and any restrictions on construction
  • Homeowners Associations (HOA) disclosures, if the property is in an HOA, including any fees, rules, regulations and restrictions that may apply
  • Problems with the structural components of the home, such as the electrical wiring, roof or plumbing
  • Any legal disputes about the property’s boundaries and other legal claims or proceedings that could affect ownership rights or the property’s overall value and any pending property code enforcement actions against the seller

It is important to note that Florida does not have a standard disclosure form, which is another reason it is wise to seek an attorney’s assistance with your sale.

How are real estate closing procedures handled in Tampa, Florida?

The closing process is a multistep process that involves closing disclosures with the final terms of the loan, a final walk-through, a meeting between the parties, the funding of the sale and the distribution of funds, including the payoff of any liens or mortgages. The buyer can then take possession of the property.

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