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Property Deeds Control Ownership Of Many Types Of Property

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Property Deeds In The State Of Florida

In Florida, title to any property is controlled and transferred through a deed. There are two types of deeds in Florida:

  • Warranty deeds
  • Quitclaim deeds

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A quitclaim deed transfers title without stipulation of the validity of the title. In other words, they make no warranty that they actually own the property.

A warranty deed warranties that the grantor actually owns and has title to the property. The grantor can be sued if the title turns out to be invalid.

The state of Florida requires certain formalities for a deed or mortgage to be recorded. These formalities include:

  • Signing
  • Two witnesses who attest to the grantor’s signing to assure authenticity
  • Acknowledgment, which means attestation by a notary public or another public officer
  • Delivery and acceptance

In a warranty deed, the grantor attests that the property hasn’t been sold to someone else, that it isn’t encumbered by anything apart from what the seller has already disclosed and that the property is free from any title defects.

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