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Boundaries are one of the foundational concepts of property ownership. They demarcate where exactly your property rights end and where those of your neighbor begin. Unfortunately, there isn’t always clarity about those demarcations, and uncertainties about boundaries can lead to significant legal challenges.

Boundary disputes are one of the most common types of real estate issues. If you’re embroiled in a boundary dispute, or need clarity about a boundary issue, contact Brown & Associates Law & Title, P.A.. Based in Tampa and St. Petersburg, our lawyers have a highly nuanced understanding of Florida real estate law. We are well-versed in boundary issues and can provide clarity about your rights and options for resolving the dispute.

Common Types Of Boundary Disputes

Boundary disputes often arise with regard to improvements in the property. When you or a neighbor starts developing the edges of your property, confusion can arise. Considerations like setbacks and boundaries are vital for avoiding complications.

Boundary issues also may come to light when one of the properties is sold and a survey is conducted, revealing encroachments that may have been longstanding.

In both of these contexts, we often see disputes involving:

  • Fencing
  • Sheds
  • Tree plantings
  • Gardens
  • Shared driveways
  • Home additions

Routes To Resolving Boundary Disputes

Depending on the type of boundary dispute, there may be multiple avenues for addressing it. Florida’s adverse possession law may be a way to gain legal right to the property, even if it’s technically encroaching on your neighbor’s, if you have occupied their portion of the property for long enough and met certain other conditions.

Mediation or arbitration might be an option for resolving disputes outside of court. Our lawyers can help you explore these avenues. We are also prepared to represent you in litigation if necessary.

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