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Real estate attorneys help first-time homebuyers get educated

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2022 | Real Estate Law |

When you’re a first-time homebuyer, you probably have a number of questions about the process of buying a home. You want to do all you can to protect yourself and your own best interests because the reality is that this is likely the largest purchase you’ve ever made and will potentially affect you for many years to come.

Do you really need to work with an attorney before you start looking for a home? The simple answer is no, but it can be helpful to you as someone with no real knowledge about the home purchasing process.

Real estate attorneys are trained to negotiate and know how to make a transaction, including your home’s closing process, run as smoothly as possible. The attorney’s goal is to protect their client, which means that you have someone on your side and who is working to do what’s in your best interests.

Florida doesn’t necessarily require you to work with an attorney during the closing process, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea to work with an attorney as you learn about purchasing a home and the legal implications of doing so. Real estate sales can be complex, as can the contracts that bind you to a purchase once you’ve made an offer. Knowing exactly what you’re getting into before you sign any binding document is a must.

Your attorney will give you the overview of the real estate process that you need

Depending on your experience in real estate and what you know already, you may need a few issues clarified or want to have an overarching overview of the entire home buying process. Your attorney can go over aspects of the process such as the need for title insurance or how to set up a contract to best allow you to walk away if there are defects on the property.

Your attorney will also have experience dealing with lenders and mortgage contracts, which can be beneficial for you if you want to be sure you fully understand the terms before taking out the loan.

For these and other reasons, it makes sense to work with someone familiar with real estate law. This is a major purchase, so take the time to make sure it’s done right.