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What kinds of inspections should you do before closing?

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2022 | Real Estate Law |

If you’re looking into buying a new home, you will need to have inspections on the property. In a previous blog, we discussed why waiving an inspection is a bad idea. Now, it’s a good idea to look at what kinds of inspections would be best if you want to protect yourself when making a purchase.

A general inspection is typical as a part of the purchasing process. A buyer’s inspection is usually performed by a professional who understands the signs that there is something wrong with the home, like cracks in the foundation or problems with flooding.

Not all home inspections include inspections for termites, mold, radon or other hazards. So, before you agree to buy a home with an inspection, you also want to note which kinds of inspections you want to have.

6 kinds of specialized home inspections

Not all home inspections are made equally. Here are six specialized types of home inspections that you may want to order if you want to be thorough before purchasing a property.

  1. Roof inspections

Roofing inspections catch the worst of roofing issues, like loose shingles or leaks.

  1. Electrical inspections

Having an inspection of the electrical work done in a home is wise, because it will help you be sure it’s up to code and safe.

  1. HVAC inspections

You need to know that your HVAC unit is working properly and doesn’t have any dangerous problems, like animals living inside or frayed wiring.

  1. Pest inspections

Termites can take a beautiful home from highly valuable to extremely costly in a matter of months. They cause irreparable damage. Finding signs of termites can be devastating, but it would help you avoid buying a damaged property.

  1. Mold inspections

Mold inspections are smart, especially if you have allergies or asthma. Mold issues can mean that there are some air quality issues as well as damage from leaks, damp or cold.

  1. Asbestos inspections

If the home you’re buying is older, you may want to look into having asbestos inspections done. Most homes built after 1975 won’t have asbestos, but older homes could still have asbestos inside to be wary of.

These are several inspections you may want to have done before you buy a property. Do your due diligence now, and you can be sure the property is in good condition.