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What every first-time home buyer should know

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2022 | Real Estate Law |

Is this your first time buying a home? You’re likely hesitant to buy the first home that looks good, and you should be because buying a home is a big investment and you need to investigate your purchase.

Every home buyer should know they have guaranteed rights. As such, you should understand a few of them before purchasing a home. Here’s what you should know:

Know if a home has obvious issues

Home sellers are required to disclose issues with a home that may alter the selling price. Because of this, many home sellers want to hide major and minor issues with a home and hike the price up hoping a buyer won’t discover any issues. However, as a home buyer, you have the right to know what issues may lie with a home you’re looking to purchase, extensively because a major issue may harm your health.

Hire a home inspector

You should by all means hire a home inspector when buying your first home. Many people who buy multiple homes hire home inspectors because these people are qualified to tell you the quality of a home.

Home inspectors are human too, meaning they can miss some obvious issues with a home. If you spot something off about a potential home, then you should ask right away what the home inspector thinks. The following are a few things home inspectors miss:

  • Leaky roofs: Most home inspectors don’t climb onto the roof to check for issues – because of this, there may be damages that can only be seen from within the home.
  • Hidden floor issues: Some issues in a home aren’t directly noticeable, such as issues with flooring under tile or carpet. If you find a damp spot, uneven flooring or loose boards, then there could be issues with the flooring in a home.
  • Asbestos: Asbestos was once used for nearly everything, yet, today, this material is a health hazard. There may be many things in a home that should be tested for asbestos, namely, paint and wallpaper.

When buying a home, you may need to consider knowing your legal options, especially when creating terms on a home purchase.